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World Cup Viewing Party
USA vs. Belgium



Tommy Fox's in Bergenfield hosted a World Cup happy hour during the USA vs. Belgium soccer match on Tuesday, where soccer fans came out to support their team in the Round of 16 bracket.


Despite the United States team's heroic effort, Belgium won 2-1 during extra time, progressing to the Quarter Finals.


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Check out our Holiday Bash with

Our good friends from came by with their camera to catch a little Holiday Cheer at the bar.   To see the full article please visit here.


Enjoy these images courtesy of at Tommy Fox's Halloween Bash

We threw a Halloween Bash for the ages this year and was here to capture it all.  Dj Crobo and DJ Dajka had the place going all night long. 


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For this edition of Bergen Nightlife we visited Tommy Fox's in Bergenfield for live music by The Panic Fire.  It was a Tue night and their 5 beers for $5 special was in full swing.


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Bergen's Premiere Magazine Reviews Tommy's

Bergen boasts its share of justifiably popular Irish pubs. The cheerful, friendly vibe and good beer selection offer wide appeal. But true Irish food remains a mystery to most. While several local establishments feature authentic interiors with woodwork and artifacts imported from the auld sod, the menu is not likely to include crubeens (fried pigs’ trotters), boxty (potato cakes) or cod cobbler (fish pie).


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Bergenfield's Irish Secret


On a Sunday night, the main strip in Bergenfield has the quiet appearance of an average New Jersey downtown - deserted streets surrounded by quaint mom & pop establishments closed for the night. However, once you step inside Tommy Fox’s on South Washington Avenue, you are instantly transported to a bustling Irish village pub.


The bar area is lightly decorated with Irish flags, while each customer is greeted with the uplifting spirit of rich Gaelic tunes. A jubilant older crowd stands near the bar sharing stories and sing-a-longs to classics such as "Biddy Mulligan", and "Song for Ireland". Although this bar may seem sparsely crowded; it is not because no one is there - they just have something better to do: dance. The dance floor in the back of Tommy Fox’s is packed with couples who dance to every bouncing note of the traditional Irish music.


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